Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Kerry-Edwards: "In memory of my brother..."

Donna Puleio Spadaro received a mailing from the Kerry-Edwards campaign asking whether she had a story that the candidates needed to hear about why the election matters to her.
Turns out Donna did have a story to tell -- about her brother who was killed on the job
Election Day 2004 is the day we call for an end to the “silence” of the very agencies assigned to protect workers from these injustices. We must fight to make workplaces safer. We must toughen laws that make the willful killing of workers a felony not a misdemeanor. The downgrading and abatement of violations until they amount to little more than a meaningless “slap on the wrist” must be stopped. Our country cannot become a low wage economy where safety is ignored and dead workers are an accepted cost of doing business. In memory of my brother, I plan to support Kerry-Edwards in 2004.