Monday, August 30, 2004

Confined Space Improvements

I may be on semi-vacation, but technology marches on. I've made a few enhancements to Confined Space that you may find useful.

E-Mail: Note the little envelope with an arrow. You can click on this to e-mail an individual article to a friend (or enemy -- take your pick).

Confined Space Mailing List: On the left-hand column is a mailing list form which you can use to sign up for a weekly mailing of Confined Space highlights. I promise not to send more than one a week (unless something urgent and important happens). And I promise not to give your names to anyone else.

Permalinks: Note the word PERMALINK above each posting. You can right click on this and click on "Copy Shortcut" to copy the URL for each individual posting to your webpage or e-mail. (Or you can just click on PERMALINK and copy and paste the URL in the Address box.) . You can also then print out the individual post instead of the entire page.