Friday, August 27, 2004

St Louis on Bush Regulatory Damage

The St. Louis Dispatch chimes in on the Washington Post and NY Times articles on the workplace and environmental damage caused by the Bush administration's regulatory policies:

Rather than being embarrassed at all of this, John D. Graham, the man in charge of regulations for the Office of Management and Budget, told the Times: "The Bush administration has cut the growth of costly business regulations by 75 percent, compared to the two previous administrations." Yes, but at what cost? In the long run, dirtier air and water, more hazardous workplaces and highways, appliance fires, TB and other man-made problems will kill more Americans and devastate more American ground. The deaths and devastation will have been caused, in the pursuit of short-term economic gains, by their fellow Americans, with the smiling collusion of their government. There is but one word for this: wrong.

Missouri is a swing state. Hopefully, people will pay more attention to these life and death issues than Swift Boat Liars and gay marriage.

Update: The Boulder (CO) Daily Camera is also not amused.