Friday, August 13, 2004

Disney Fined

Last February, a worker at Walt Disney World in Florida was killed during a parade. Javier Cruz, 38, who was wearing a Pluto costume, was the father of two and had worked at the park since 1995. His foot was caught between sections of a three-part float as it was about to enter the parade route. He fell and was run over by the third section of the vehicle.

Federal OSHA has now fined Disney $6,300 for Cruz's death.
Marin, his sister, said someone who worked with her brother told her that he tripped in front of the float and there wasn't enough time for him to move.

'It's not acceptable'

"We believe it could have been prevented. I believe they should have kept a distance between him as a character and the float," she said.

"OK, it's an accident, but it's not acceptable. They should have prevented this."