Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Bring Workplace Safety Into the Campaign

Well it's about time to get out there on the campaign trail and let everyone know why the decision they make at the ballot box (or computer) may affect their likelihood of coming home from work alive and health. But what to say?

I am posting here an article I wrote for Labor Notes (which you can now subscribe to for $5)about the Bush record on occupational health and safety. There are other election-year health and safety factsheets from AFSCME and CWA. (If anyone knows of any others, let me know.)

OK, so we know George Bush and crew are a workplace safety disaster, but what has John Kerry done for us lately?

He condemned Bush's MSHA for putting miners at risk

He's called fro improved chemical plant security.

His spokesperson called DOL's Hispanic "Summit" a "photo op."

He has earned business anger by supporting a new ergonomics standard.

He's been accused by the bad guys of being an "environmental extremist" and earned the support of Nixon's EPA head.

And while he was a presidential candidate, John Edwards called for a plan to decrease workplace deaths and injuries by strengthening laws and hiring more federal safety personnel."