Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Advanced Management Strategies: Dealing With The Press After You've Killed Someone

Injured or killed anyone in the workplace lately?

Then you'll probably need some help with the press. Good news! For only $147, Eileen Wixted of SafetyChange.org is presenting a audioseminar called The Uninvited Guest: How to Deal With the Media After a Workplace Incident.

OK, I can see the benefit of learning to deal with the media, how to answer questions and all the nuts and bolts of dealing with reporters. It's the Eileen's "four-pronged message strategy techniques for crisis" that I find a bit, um disgusting:
  1. Showing your concern and why this can help you 'save face'
  2. Detailing how you have practiced 'due diligence' in this incident and proving that reasonable actions were taken
  3. How to demonstrate your cooperative attitude and how this benefits you
  4. Showing that you have a resolution
But what if your 'face' doesn't deserve saving because you 'forgot' to practice 'due diligence' or neglected to take 'reasonable actions?'

What about admitting that you screwed up? Or maybe apologizing to the injured and families of the dead? How about resolving to comply with safety standards and best practices.

Otherwise, save the money and just follow George Burns' old saying: "Sincerity is the key. If you can fake that, you've got it made."