Saturday, November 26, 2005

Peddle Your Wares Here

I'm apparently sitting on a gold mine.
Businesses have noticed the growing readership and influence of these Internet postings and are spending $50 million to $100 million this year on blog advertising and marketing, said Charlene Li, an analyst at Forrester Research, a company that looks at the impact of technology on business and consumers. Recognizing that blogs have become more mainstream, companies are paying for advertisements or mentions on blogs, courting blog writers with public relations efforts and inviting writers to come blog on one of their corporate sites.

The blogosphere, companies said, is an important place to have a presence, and blog writers are not shying away from the attention.
Here I am. Lookin' for a bit of attention. Not a bit shy. This way.

But seriously folks. How would you feel about a bit of advertising on Confined Space? Google-type context driven ads? Lefty political blog ads? Would they undermine my integrity? Do I have any integity to be undermined?