Saturday, November 05, 2005

OSHA: A Tough Agency With A Tough Job?

You've got to hand it to OSHA. They make a special effort to communicate to their "customers."

But does this look like a tough enforcement agency using any means necessary to fight for the lives and health of American workers?

From OSHA's November 1, 2005 "Quick Takes: A bi-weekly e-news memo with information, updates, and results from OSHA about safety and health in America's workplaces."

In This Issue

OSHA Outreach Training Program Sets Record
OSHSPA Issues Latest Grassroots Worker Protection Report
More Hurricane Quick Cards and Fact Sheets Available
OSHA Education Center Offers Training Courses
Spanish-language Versions of Worker Safety and Health Training Set for Chicago
OSHA Welcomes New National Alliance Participant, Renews Others
Nebraska, Texas, Massachusetts and Maryland Worksites Earn "VPP" Recognition
Latest Regional Alliances Formed with OSHA
Voluntary Protection Programs Activity
Now what message does this send to employers who are putting their employees at risk?

a) Putting workers at risk of injury or death is unacceptable!

b) Shape up or face the fearful wrath of the mighty U.S. Government.

c) OSHA standards are the law of the land; violating them makes you a criminal and possibly a murderer,

d) Uh, excuse me, sorry for bothering you, but if you happen to be interested in some workplace safety and health issues, would you mind checking out some of our information? Oh, and if you have a few minutes, maybe we can get together for a nice spot of tea.
But just when you're about to give up on OSHA, they do something to redeem themselves submerge you under waves of depression:

Newsflash:OSHA Aligns with International Carwash Association