Friday, November 04, 2005

McWane Indicted Again; Wins Safety Award

Yet another McWane indictment, this time for pollution:
Pipe Company Faces Pollution Indictment

McWane Inc., one of the world's largest pipe manufacturers, was indicted yesterday in Utah, accused of a six-year conspiracy to violate the Clean Air Act and falsify tests to cover up emissions of a dangerous air pollutant.

According to the six-count indictment, McWane conspired to mislead regulatory officials into believing that Pacific States Cast Iron Pipe, its pipe foundry in Provo, Utah, was in compliance with air-pollution laws. The indictment accuses senior executives of tampering with pollution monitoring devices, knowingly making false statements to regulators and obstructing the Environmental Protection Agency.
McWane is based in Birmingham, Ala.
McWane is the company made notorious for its workpace safety and environmental crimes, first publicized in a 2003 New York Times/Frontline series.

Oh, but wait, nevermind:

McWane's Union Foundry recognized for exemplary safety

A McWane Inc. facility in Anniston has been honored by the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce for its community involvement and outstanding safety record.

Union Foundry was the winner in the safety category and a finalist in the community involvement category during the chamber's 2005 Industry Awards of Excellence, which were presented by chamber president Sherri Sumners during a breakfast ceremony recently.

Tim Douty, assistant general manager of Union Foundry, said in a prepared statement he was especially proud of receiving the safety award. "Union Foundry is being noticed by the Chamber of Commerce as a leader in the community for recognition of worker safety and our safety program," he said. "This award is a reflection of the commitment our employees have toward safety."

So what's next? Michael "Brownie" Brown and I Lewis "Scooter" Libby win Presidential Medal of Honor?

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