Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Leave All Blades Behind

I confess, I can never quite figure out the Department of Homeland Security. Everything they touch seem to turn to excrement, and now we have the Transportation Security Administration issuing a new rule allowing small knives on planes.

Does this make sense? I mean, the 9/11 hijackers used box cutters, not guns and not explosives to wreak havoc on this country, so Homeland Security is now letting people carry knives on board. Meanwhile they're still making us take our rubber sneakers off because some nutcase tried to blow up a plane with and exploading sneaker. So why do we have to take off our tennis shoes before walking through the X-ray machine? God forbid someone ever tries blow up a plane with an exploding jockstrap.


Anway the Association of Flight Attendants is rather confused as well -- and for them it's a life and death matter. The AFA-CWA has launched a new campaign: "Leave All Blades Behind "
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently announced that it would lift restrictions on certain items from being brought onboard aircrafts. These items, such as scissors, large screwdrivers and other items will be allowed onboard aircrafts that AFA-CWA flight attendants work to keep safe. This unilateral change in security regulations will put our AFA-CWA members, as well as pilots and you, the travelling public, in danger. It is important that as safety & health activists we support our sisters and brothers in the AFA-CWA in this battle to keep the runways and skies safe.

Go to Leave All Blades Behind to sign the petition and gather information on the "Leave All Blades Behind Act" introduced in Congress by Representatives Ed Markey (D-MA), Joe Crowley (D-NY) and Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY). This legislation will restore the "Prohibited Items" list and keep dangerous items that can be used as lethal weapons by drunk or unruly passengers, as well as by a terrorist group, from being brought onto aircrafts.