Monday, March 27, 2006

Undocumented Immigrants As Felons

I've already written my piece about the illegal alien undocumented immigrant debate, plus I'm on vacation, so go read what Revere and Nathan Newman have to say -- as usual, perspectives you'll generally only find in blogs, but they seem to make so much more sense than the demagoguery that the main-stream-media spends its time reporting.

A sampling...

If you want to take those who break civil laws and turn them into felons, why start with hard working people whose only crime is being poor and not speaking English? Here is a whole shithouse full of civil lawbreakers poisoning our rivers and streams. Let's prosecute the corporate officers and responsible officials as felons.

Given the choices, which one do you think would make the average person better off?
Nathan Newman:

If we want to slow immgration to the United States, the real way to do it is to end sweatshops in Mexico and the rest of the developing world and end the rising inequality in global wealth within such countries. Mexico, for example, has increasing wealth, but because of the trade deals we created with them, most of that wealth goes to the richest section of the population-- Mexico has 13 billionaires yet working families are left struggling to survive.

To tell such refugees from an economic system the US government helped engineer that they are to blame for their fate is immoral. And progressives should be standing side by side with the labor unions, civil rights groups and religious leaders marching by the hundreds of thousands in the streets to demand decent treatment for those refugees and a more just global economic system.

Go read the whole things.