Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bad Boss? Win A Vacation. You Need It

Do you have a bad boss? A really bad boss. Well, the AFL-CIO's Working America is holding a "My Bad Boss Contest, " a chance for workers to speak out about the nighmares they face on the job every day. Share them a story about your nightmare boss, and you could win a week-long getaway or other exciting prizes. Winner's are determined by your votes.

Just go to the Bad Boss website and follow the directions. The contest just started on Wednesday, and there are already lots of amazing stories. Not too many health and safety stories, though, so I'm sure you all can contribute some "interesting" experiences.

Here's one interesting example from Rob, in Pennsylvania:
I worked as a roofer's helper. On top of working 10-12 hrs. a day, in 130 degree weather, we got yelled at all day. It wasn't like a friendly come on', hurry up yell, it was we'll fire you and throw you of this building's roof yell. Every job we did involved a zero safety tolerance I.e. no ropes, monitors, harness, etc. One morning we were tearing off an old roof and I slipped on some trash. I had threw my knee out and I went too the boss about it. They thought I wanted to go home early. He stated," get the 'heck' off my jobsite. If I ever see you again at this company, I will beat the tar out of you." So needless to say I was out of work for a couple months without pay, lost my girlfriend and also got evicted from where we lived.
Come on, let your inner Dilbert shine through.