Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm Glad Congress Passed Mine Safety Legislation, but...

what about the rest of the workforce?

Man dies after losing arm in workplace accident

CORPUS CHRISTI - 57-year-old Jesus Vallejo died Thursday night, after his arm was severed in a mishap at the C.C. Coating and Machine Company on Omaha. (map)

The accident happened just after 8 p.m. Authorities said Vallejo's arm was severed at the elbow, after it got caught in a piece of equipment. He also suffered a severe head injury when he was pulled into the machinery. He died while being transported to the hospital.

Vallejo's wife and children said he'd been injured on the job several times this year. They asked him over and over to quit, but he wouldn't do it.

Fall Into Pit Of Molten Steel Kills Worker

CANTON, Ohio -- A Stark County steel company worker was killed Thursday afternoon when he fell into a pit of molten steel, NewsChannel5 reported.

The molten steel enveloped his body, and he was killed instantly, Whitlach said.

NewsChannel5 reported that the liquid steel is about 2,600 degrees, so rescue workers were unable to immediately retrieve the victim's body. They will return in a few days to retrieve the remains.

Construction worker killed in N.Y. blast

A South Jersey construction worker died here when an attempt to waterproof a basement and install a ritual bath caused an explosion.

Antonio Tapia, 27, of Burlington, was declared dead at the scene. Two workers survived the explosion at a Brooklyn home Tuesday morning, but suffered extensive burns.

The workers were using a flammable epoxy sealant that isn't intended for indoor projects, officials said. When one worker turned on a power tool, it caused the explosion.