Sunday, May 16, 2004

Terrorism in the American Workplace

I received this note from Michelle Marts, mother of Patrick Walters, who was killed in 2002 in an uprotected 10-foot deep trench. OSHA had cited the company, Moeves Plumbing Inc., only a couple of weeks before Walters' death for sending workers into unprotected 15-foot deep trench. Walters'case was reported by David Barstow in his three part New York Times series about how the federal government fails to prosecute most employers who willfully kill their workers.

I met her at a hearing last week.
In recent headlines in response to Americans torturing foreign prisoners, President Bush is quoted as saying he is "disgusted", "angered" and "Will hunt down the terrorist that beheaded Berg", etc... What would Mr. Bush have to say about Moeves Plumbing Inc, an American Company, if a copy of Patrick's body being recovered from the 10 feet of saturated mud, by the Montgomery County Rescue Workers, was televised to show America just how concerned Mr. Bush is with what is going on RIGHT HERE- RIGHT NOW for the AMERICAN WORKER.

Anything else I can do to further this necessary action, let me know.

Michelle Marts