Monday, May 24, 2004

World Trade Center Workers Sue Over Illness

Over 1700 firefighters and police officers are suing the city of New York, claiming that clean-up work at the World Trade Centers and Fresh Kills landfill sickened them.
The illnesses include sarcoidosis, a permanent lung condition; asthma; reactive airway disorders; chronic coughs, and emergency workers with glass lodged in their lung tissue, according to medical records reviewed by the Daily News.


More than 300 firefighters have retired with disabilities related to injuries and illnesses related to their work at Ground Zero, Gribbon said. There are an additional 300 disability pension cases pending, meaning that 600 firefighters are on track to retire with three-quarter pensions.

"The Fire Department is concerned about health risks. We gave medicals to every one of our people since 9/11 - active and retired firefighters," Gribbon said.

The FDNY received a $25 million federal grant to monitor health issues with firefighters. The NYPD was denied a similar grant