Monday, September 12, 2005

DC Labor Film Festival Kicks Off With Mazzocchi Award

Attention DC Area Residents

The DC Labor Film Festival kicks off on Thursday, September 15 at the American Film Institute in Silver Spring. On Friday, September 16, Barbara Kopple will be receiving the Tony Mazzocchi Labor Arts Award prior to the showing of her classic film, Harlan County USA, one of the greatest labor documentaries ever made. The award will be followed by a short film about Tony's life and times.

In case there is anyone out there who doesn't know, Tony Mazzocchi was the visionary leader of the Oil, Chemical, and Atomic Workers Union and one of the fathers of the workplace health and safety movement in this country and a leader in the struggle for workers rights.

On September 17, Jane Fonda will attend a 25th anniversary screening of her film "Nine to Five". The event is a benefit for Working America and the evening's program will include Fonda and Karen Nussbaum, co-founder of 9 to 5 –– the organization of women office workers.

Other films at the festival include Il Posto, Maids (Domesticas), Office Space, Living to Work, Mardi Gras:Made in China, Off to War, The Phantom of the Operator, and Where Do You Stand?: Stories from an American Mill. The full schedule can be found here.