Friday, September 30, 2005

The Environment: Something Happening Here. What It Is Is All Too Clear

Now I haven't read the full articles yet, but these are some of the headlines from the Bureau of National Affairs Environment Reporter that came across my desk today.

House Votes To Overhaul Key Provisions of Endangered Species Act

House Energy Committee Approves Barton Bill to Construct More Refineries

House Resources Backs Drilling in Arctic, Removes Offshore Drilling Bans

EPA drafts legislation to grant broad power to waive Clean Air Act rules

Bill to help hurricane-damaged refineries would change enforcement program

Bush asks EPA to leave waivers in place

Domenici to target offshore drilling bans

House Resources Committee approves ANWR drilling, removes all offshore bans for natural gas

Inhofe introduces bill to encourage building of oil refineries

Official says agency's regulatory policies will reduce burdens on manufacturers