Saturday, September 17, 2005

Setting America's Priorities Straight: The View From Over There

My friend Rory over there across the sea doesn’t seem to understand the American justice system, much less the American values system.

See, what makes this country great is the celebrity of our celebrities, and the importance we place on making sure nothing sullies their image. Something happens to that image and major money is at stake.

Workers, on the other hand, are better not seen at all, especially when they do something unpleasant like getting themselves killed in a dirty old septic tank.

So it comes as no surprise to us People magazine addicts that a court would sentence a photogapher to three years in jail for taking topless photographs of actress Cameron Diaz and trying to sell them back to her for $3.5 million, or sentence a teenager to 11 months in prison for hacking into Paris Hilton's cell phone, whereas someone who killed two workers in a septic tank gets fined only $4,700.

Rory is only thankful that Cameron and Hilton weren't killed in the workplace, lest the American justice system let their killers off with a light slap on the wrist.

Silly boy.