Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Texas College Decides To Nix BP "Hero" Award

Reason has prevailed in Texas City.

I reported last night that the College of the Mainland Fondation, in Texas City, Texas had decided to select BP as its "Mainland Corporate Hero," even though the company had killed 15 workers and injured 170 in an explosion last year. The union at the college protested the award.

Well, sometimes protests work:
BP may be a valued benefactor to Texas City's College of the Mainland, but the school's board said Monday that it could not support a decision to designate the oil giant its "Corporate Hero" for the year.

The unanimous vote by the trustees came in response to strong protest by the school's employees' union, which said the operator of the refinery where 15 people were killed last year wasn't worthy of such praise.

At its monthly meeting Monday, the board directed its chairman, the school's president and the president of the college's fundraising arm, which made the "hero" designation, to choose another title to honor BP at a gala this summer.
Hmmm. "Another title to honor BP?"

That gives me an idea. How about a Confined Space contest for the best title to honor BP? The winner gets a mention in Confined Space, a free copy of Worker Safety Under Siege, and I promise to forward the winning entry to the College of the Mainland.

Use the comment link below. On your mark, get set, go!