Monday, December 11, 2006

From The Department of "I'll Believe It When I See It."

Inside OSHA (paid subscription) reports that OSHA head Ed Foulke is considering filling four of OSHA's Labor Liaison positions that have been vacant for a number of years in Kansas City, Chicago, Seattle and Philadelphia. (Actually, I think Boston is open too.) As the former national OSHA labor liaison, I'd be very interested in those vacancies being filled, although I find it hard to believe that we'll be seeing that anytime soon.

During the Clinton administration, each of OSHA's ten regions had a Labor Liaison, most of home came out of labor unions. I hadn't realized this, but OSHA actually has a well-hidden webpage listing the labor liaisons.
Every OSHA Regional Office has had a Labor Liaison to assist workers and unions to work effectively with OSHA. OSHA Labor Liaisons can answer questions about workers' rights, complaint and inspection procedures, health and safety standards and other technical or procedural issues. Labor Liaisons also can make presentations at meetings and some offer training on a variety of health and safety issues as well.
If Foulke follows through, it would also be the only item he's completed on the 100 Day Agenda that I gave him last March.

Go for it Ed.