Tuesday, April 04, 2006

On Blogging: Powerful Mojo

Some bloggers are so eloquent that I feel the need to steer you in their direction. Go read Digby, winner of the Koufax Award for Best Writing:
I have to say that the reason the political blogs are changing things has far less to do with our entertaining writing or cogent analysis than with the fact that we provide a forum for citizens to interact and a system for interacting with each other. We bloggers set forth ideas and lead the debate, but our political power derives from our readers and commenters. Essentially, it's a collaborative political media --- and the political and media establishments are starting to notice that many thousands of average citizens are engaging. They aren't stupid. They know that blog readers are all opinion leaders in their own lives who take the arguments and ideas that are hashed out on the blogs to water coolers, dinner tables, bars and churches everywhere. That's some powerful mojo.