Monday, July 17, 2006

Foulke: I Want My Slides Back

Last month we delivered a well-deserved thumbs-down to OSHA administrator Ed Foulke's slide show ridiculing workers for "doing the dumbest darnedest things." We were later joined in our raspberries by the Washington Post.

But it seems that poor Mr. Foulke may be lost without his slide show. This was delivered to me by an attendee at the recent conference of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE):
As you may know, the ASSE recently had their annual Professional Development Conference in Seattle. One speaker after lunch was the new head of OSHA, Mr. Foulke. I am afraid that a poorer speaker could not be found. He never proposed solutions for the problems that he mentioned and he "ummed" and "hawed" during the entire speech. An hour speech could have been done in thirty minutes. Many people just walked out. It was not OSHA's finest time.
Perhaps a good, but vengeful fairy has put a curse on Mr. Foulke's tongue.