Monday, July 03, 2006

Target Employees: "Treated Worse Than Dogs"

I received this e-mail last week from a former Target employee:
Four years I worked the graveyard shift at Target, unloading trucks, stocking, etc. I often said, it's amazing that so far, none of the workers had come into the store and started shooting. I saw back injuries happen, neck injuries happen, people get treated worse than dogs, lied to, used and abused.

It's amazing---the gap between the PR image a company like this beams out to the world and the REALITY of working in a dusty, un air conditioned environment (in Florida!) locked in with floor wax, and cleaning chemicals, and crappy ventilation. And then they got the nerve to state in the employee handbook that we don't need no union---we can handle the problems ourselves without a "third party." I quit about a week ago.

Don't know how I'll survive, but this place was wrecking my already shaky health, and their so called benefits don't benefit me if they don't pay for anything.
For more information on Target, go here to Target Union! The Target Stores Employees' Web Site